ARCHNET Eagle News

Eagle has been experiencing a lul in activity for the past 6 months.  Neither funding nor demand has reached expectations.  As a result, we have resorces which are sitting idle.  If you know someone who could use what we offer, please spread the word!  We don't want this all to go to waste, after all.


Thanks to those who have been using this service.  We are happy to support you as we are able!



Since Eagle offers more public services than any other Tier II ARCHNET server, we expect to offer more assistance to our users.  For this reason, we have added another method of contact.  You should now see a live chat module in the lower right corner of our main website.  If it gets in your way, just click the "-" symbol in the upper right corner of it.  If you want help, just start typing.  At this time, we do not have a full-time support staff (we are non-profit, after all) so there may not be a representative available.  If not, just leave a message for us there, post in our new forum, or send an e-mail to

We are happy to help!



It's been a busy few days for ARCHNET Eagle.

We have been working on a new website, and have finally published it.  It is still in the Beta stage, however, so you could still experience some bugs.  If you do, please consider contacting us about it so we can resolve that bug.  In the meantime, our old website is still available, such as it is, at

We also have a new support forum now, available at which you may feel free to try out.  This will be the main forum for all Tier II serers and services from now on. You may notice that your old posts are missing—this is because it was decided not to transfer old forum posts.  If you still have access to your old forum, feel free to look up old posts there. Otherwise, just post your question or comment again, and we can do it all over again.



Unity Linux to ARCHNET Eagle.

This is a little belated, but Unity Linux has been granted hosting on ARCHNET Eagle.  We hope to help this group as they work to develop a new Linux-bases operating system.

The URL to their files is:


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