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Everyone who has lost data in this recent failure should have revived correspondence from us by now. If you have lost any data and not been contacted yet, please reach out to us.


We are currently restoring what data we still have from backups, but this will take time. If you have been informed that we have backups of your data, please do not attempt to upload your own copy again, as this will disrupt the restoration process.  You will probably find that this is not possible, which is intentional.  If we have informed you that your data has been entirely lost (low traffic data was exclude from backups), then by all means feel free to attempt restoration on your own.


Please contact us with any concerns!



We have recently experienced a nearly catastrophic data loss on this server, due to problems with our hosting provider. As a Tier II server, Eagle has relied on Hostinger to provide storage and network solutions.  However, in early April they somehow lost most of our data stored on this server, including several databases. They have been unable to provide a clear reason for this loss, and do not seem willing to investigate further. 


Needless to say, we are very displeased with Hostinger, and are seriously reconsidering our service agreements. We are considering breaking all ties with Hostinger, and pulling out all of our Tier II and Tier III servers they currently host, both the open ones (such as Eagle) and the silent ones.


As for this server, we are currently discussing migrating to another provider, or simply shutting down Eagle and replacing it with our latest server cluster, which in the testing stage. 


We will be in contact with everyone currently storing data with us, if we have not already done so.  Much of the data which has been in regular use has been backed up on Tier III servers.  However, some data has been permanently lost. We will be restoring what we can, as it is possible.  However, we cannot fully trust this provider anymore, so please be certain to have alternative options, or seek out hosting on other ARCHNET servers.  Only Eagle has been impacted at this time, and we do not expect anyone using services through other ARCHNET servers to be affected. 


We apologize to all of those who have been impacted.  Ultimately, we were not involved in this data loss, but our name is on this service and we are responsible for ensuring that our providers are reliable. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns.




Eagle has been experiencing a lul in activity for the past 6 months.  Neither funding nor demand has reached expectations.  As a result, we have resorces which are sitting idle.  If you know someone who could use what we offer, please spread the word!  We don't want this all to go to waste, after all.


Thanks to those who have been using this service.  We are happy to support you as we are able!



Since Eagle offers more public services than any other Tier II ARCHNET server, we expect to offer more assistance to our users.  For this reason, we have added another method of contact.  You should now see a live chat module in the lower right corner of our main website.  If it gets in your way, just click the "-" symbol in the upper right corner of it.  If you want help, just start typing.  At this time, we do not have a full-time support staff (we are non-profit, after all) so there may not be a representative available.  If not, just leave a message for us there, post in our new forum, or send an e-mail to

We are happy to help!


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