ARCHNET (Auxiliary Resource and Communication Hosting NETwork) currently provides direct access to files stored on reliable servers, as well as web applications.  We also provide email services to select individuals and groups.

About ARCHNET’s Public Services:
ARCHNET provides hosting services to select beneficial individuals, groups, and organizations.  No paid services are available at this time. Free services are provided through private funding.  Donations are greatly appreciated, and will be used to keep ARCHNET’s public services running.

About Hosting:
ARCHNET is a privately funded service which at this time offers no paid plans.  This enables us to select who we support objectively.  However we do accept and appreciate donations–just keep in mind that donations and applications are processed separately, and do not have any effect on each other.  If we deny your application, that is the end of it.  There is not fall-back option, and no trick.

Server Information:
You are connected to ARCHNET Eagle, which is a Tier II sever.
Tier I is hosted exclusively by ARCHNET.
Tier II is managed at least in part by a reliable third party
Tier III may or may not be managed by ARCHNET, and provides relay, backup, failover, and other peripheral services.

Want to help ARCHNET?  You can donate, or help out.  You can contact us for suggestions of things you can do to help us, if you are interested. Or, if you prefer, you may donate.  We accept U.S. Dollars, Bitcoin, and BAT. we greatly appreciate anything done or donated!
Send money via PayPal to or Bitcoin to: 16iXZh7rH8UVrgXf5s32Frcmm9Swkc1s5r
Every penny (or satoshi) counts, even if they come one at a time!

Legal Information:

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